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Junona - The biggest Bulgarian online fashion destination

backPayment methods

Where products are purchased using a credit card, the transaction may be performed via the PayPal secure server or another secure server as chosen by Junona- Katya Geneva EOOD.

Under no circumstances and at no stage of the transaction shall Junona- Katya Geneva EOOD be able to access the Client's credit card details, which shall be transmitted through a secure connection directly to the banking institute that manages the transaction.

No electronic record of said details shall be held by Junona- Katya Geneva EOOD and therefore under no circumstances shall Junona- Katya Geneva EOOD be held liable for any fraudulent and unauthorised use of credit cards by third parties at the time of payment.

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In case of purchase with bank transfer, the Client can find the bank coordinate. The goods will be shipped only after the actual receiving of the payment.
Clients may pay via PayPal in accordance with the specific methods set by the same.